Vote Yes for Equality

Host a Calling Event

One-on-one conversations between ordinary Australians is the Yes campaign's secret weapon.

That's why thousands of people across the country - people who wouldn't consider themselves activists or have never volunteered before - are picking up the phone to have conversations with Yes voters.

Will you help by hosting a calling event and making calls?

Calling for equality is simple. All you need to do is: 

1. Pick a time and place, and register your details and the event details via the form. You could call from the pub, your office over lunch time, from a sports club BBQ - wherever you like.

2. Invite all your friends!

3. Then check your email for your host pack, which will contain all the information you need to make calls for equality. We’ll send you an instructional video, the central number to call to connect through to other community members, and a calling script and background information. All you and your friends will need is your phones (and headphones if you like).

Will you host a calling event and help make history now?

People across the country have already started making calls to ensure we deliver a Yes victory at the postbox. But in order to make it the law, it's going to take thousands of people stepping up to host calling parties.

Register a calling party now, and get calling for equality to create an Australia where every person can marry the person they love!


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Calling events will not be supported after the 27th of October. To register another event, click here.

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