Vote Yes for Equality

Host a door knocking event!

To make marriage equality the law, it's going to take hundreds of thousands of everyday Australians stepping up for their friends, family and neighbours to get Yes votes into the postbox.

Will you help by hosting a doorknock in your area?

Hosting a doorknock is easy, and it's the most effective way to get thousands of Yes votes to the post box.

All you need to do is:

1. Pick a time and place, and register your details and the event details via the form.

2. Choose the area you want you doorknock, via our brand-new snazzy doorknocking tool.

3. Invite your friends and neighbours along.

4. Check your email for your host pack. We'll send you a how-to, a conversation guide and a handy form to tick off doors knocked.

5. Get ready to doorknock - the more of us that participate, the more areas we can cover, and the more ballots we can collect.

Sign up to doorknock now, to create an Australia where everyone can marry the person they love.

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