Vote Yes for Equality

Calling FAQs

Why are we making calls?

Research shows that one-on-one personal conversations is the most impactful way to make change. Hosting calling parties, attending one in your area, or calling from home is the most effective and easy way to ensure a Yes victory at the postbox.

We’re using cutting-edge calling technology to mobilise thousands of people across the country to have half a million conversations. Thousands of Australians making phone calls is the quickest and easiest way to reach the biggest number of voters.

If we can reach our target, these one-on-one conversations between ordinary Australians will secure a victory in the postal plebiscite, and finally achieve marriage equality in Australia.


Will I run up a large phone bill?

No! When you dial the calling tool for the first time, it has an inbuilt option (Number 2) that offers to call you back. All calls will be charged to the Yes campaign, and you won’t incur any costs. Your number will also never be shared with the people that you are calling.


What can I expect?

Making calls for equality is a fun and effective way to ensure that every Yes voter gets their ballot to the postbox. You can expect to connect with voters around the country who believe in equal love - the majority of Australians support marriage equality and we’re not asking anyone to speak to those who don’t support marriage equality.

The simplicity and flexibility of the tool means you can call whenever you want (between 9:30am-8:20pm weekdays, and 9:30am-5pm weekends) from wherever you want.


Where did you get people’s numbers from?

In compliance with Australian Privacy Principles, we purchased access to numbers from commercial databases so we could speak to people across the country. If you have further questions or concerns, you can email us at