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#WriteYes Conversation Training

The single most important thing we can do in this moment is to speak of shared values and a collective vision for our future, using messages grounded in First Nations strength, knowledge and expertise. Our conversations should centre the aspirations of communities and combine truth with action.

If we have thousands of powerful conversations, we’ll build a groundswell of public support to win changes communities have been fighting for for decades. The best way to stand with First Nations communities in this referendum is to amplify the solutions they have been calling for.

Let’s get trained on how to have strength-based conversations about First Nations justice so we can have impactful conversations in our communities, because that’s what we need to do to reach a critical mass of people to win this referendum.

Join us for a nationwide conversation training to get the tools and messaging principles you need to be a part of the movement that will win this referendum!

August 19, 2023
10am - 12:30pm
Online - RSVP for the link to attend!
1,325 RSVPS
Eldon Jenkin Ben Bartlett Rhea Pfeifle Stephanie Howard Lisa Loughnan Edwin Oiko Murray McGrath Sigrid De Silva Jessica Stephanie Arvela Daniel Benni Robyn Ruhl Bernadine McGrath Felicity Davis Mary Maher Damji Koria Kersi Rustomji Jacqui Sykes Marian Boman Jennifer Medway Lynne Rymer Firdos Saleh Marita Lukies Wendy Leung Helen Hussey Robert Jenkins Chuck Rooskov Benjamin Dubuc-Timson Tom Gledhill Amelia Swan Alanah Jeffries Vivien Langford Frank Schaer Sylwia Magon Paul Vonwiller Bill Cutcliffe Felicia Di Stefano Léonie Ebert P;aukl Seale Anisha Humphreys Ellie Robertson Cate Townsend Raisa Serafica Sue Matthews Wendie Young Nishamanie Karawita Ranmali McCormack Simone Blumberg Joanna McCulloch

Will you come?