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The conversations we have in the coming weeks are crucial to win a resounding Yes - especially when messages of support come from known and trusted people - like you!

Triple the Yes Vote by talking with 3 people in your life - friends, family or colleagues  - about why you’re writing Yes this referendum, and asking them to join you to #WriteYes.

Together, let’s triple our power to generate change on issues First Nations communities have been fighting for for decades, like truth-telling, Treaty and cultural heritage protection. Let’s go!


Signing up is key. When you sign up you will get a reminder to triple your vote. It also means we can support you and measure our collective impact.

How it Works
  1. Sign up to Triple the Yes Vote
  2. Commit to getting 3 people in your life to #WriteYes
  3. We will send you a confirmation email and 1-2 text messages to remind you to follow-up with your 3 friends when polling opens